Blending Health With Taste!

Blenders For Smoothie MakingIf you want to boost your health, are interested in clean eating, want to detox your body, or wish to eliminate some animal products from your diet, smoothies may be for you! They are an easy, tasty way to get more fruits and vegetables into your body. When embarking on any project, the right tools and necessary and with smoothies, that means choosing the right blender.

Why Does Blender Choice Matter In Smoothie Making?

You may think making a smoothie is as easy as chucking ingredients into a blender. If you’re making smoothies frequently, you will soon see that there are features you need in order for things to go smoothly, pun intended.

For starters, you will need ice crushing power, a way to tamp down ingredients to avoid large chunks, and a blade and motor system that can handle ingredients like oats, nuts and dried fruits. You probably also want to be able to store it within reach, so design is a factor.

Let’s have a look at some of the best blenders for the job.

The Top Blenders For Smoothie Making

You may be tempted to choose price over features when first starting out. Consider, however, that ease of use equates to frequency of use. There is nothing as annoying as struggling with a blender in the morning before work (and coffee) to make you see the light in terms of value and not just price.

The Vitamix Professional Series 750

This is, historically, the top of the line of mixers and blenders in the smoothie community. It is also prized among chefs. It will easily blend anything and has a special tamper to keep you from shoving a spatula into the top to push down ingredients. Yes, I have done this. No, it is not a good idea! It is also easy to clean which is important for frequent use. It handles hot and cold ingredients meaning it’s capable of making healthy soups and sauces. Its low profile will fit under most counters so it is easy to keep within reach. It has laser cut stainless-steel blades and a powerful 120 volt 50/60 hz, 12 amps motor.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System

This unit has sufficient power (900 watt motor) for many people and while it is no Vitamix, it has some features that are desirable in a smoothie maker. I personally like the upside down loading system because it often eliminates the need to tamp at all. If you do need to fuss with the mixture, it is more of a pain to do so with the Magic Bullet than an upright blender, but loading ingredients in the right order should eliminate this need. You can’t add additional liquids while using without unscrewing the lid, which is a drawback, but its compact design and ease of cleaning is an upside.

Blendtec DD28PA05A-A1GP1D00 Designer Series

This is a great blender! At its price point, however, you could just spring for a Vitamix. If you do choose the Blendtec, you’ll get commercial power in your home with its 1,560-watt 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor. It has self adjusting speed to sense if you’re going about blending wrong and will auto shut off if you manage to come close to breaking it. It shouldn’t snap blades or burn out the motor.

Why Smoothies Are Healthier Than Milkshakes

Smoothies are creamy, sweet and can be icy on hot days. That sounds like a milkshake, but there are important differences! You can easily make non dairy smoothies and pack them with vegetables that you’ll never even taste. With a smoothie in the morning, you can knock out all of your nutrient and antioxidant rich fruits and veggies for the day. If you have a milkshake for breakfast, on the other hand, you’ll have to skip lunch because of the fat, sugar, and cream. Not to mention what happens if you are intolerant to dairy. Smoothies actually give your digestive system a much needed break, especially helpful for people with irritable bowel syndrome or chronic constipation. If you can tolerate dairy, toss some kefir or cultured yogurt into your smoothie for the ultimate in digestive health.

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