Bomb Sniffing Dogs Find Pipe Bomb in Teens Camera Bag in Airport

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Normally, when there is a bomb at an airport, you expect there to be a lot of stress, worrying, and running around. You would think that people would be out of their minds, concerned with their own safety, but that was not the case recently when a young man, 18 year old Skylar Murphy, was found with a pipe bomb hidden in his camera bag. When security found it, they did not even contact the appropriate authorities.

They actually allowed him to get on his plane, even asking him if he would like the bomb back before letting him go. Security states that they did not know it was a pipe bomb, assuming it was used for drugs or something other than harm.

According to Murphy, he did not know that he had carried it into the airport. It was stashed away in his camera bag, wrapped in a bag from a head shop that had pictures of marijuana all over it. Since there was no guard dog present and the security did not check for gun powder, only drugs, no one knew it was a pipe bomb until someone saw it and said that it looked like one. It took a few days for the appropriate authorities to be contacted and for them to begin the lookout for Murphy, who was arrested once he arrived back from his vacation.

When Murphy arrived back from Mexico, he was detained by a guard dog and several authorities. The use of such a dog should have been present earlier, but apathy and laziness led security to making the wrong decisions. If a dog were present, whether one of the large or medium sized dog breeds, detection would have been almost immediate. It is lucky that he did not harm anyone, or possibly mean to, because he very well had the chance. Dogs used for bomb sniffing could have been a vital part of early capture.

There are several types of dogs that could have been used, both with large and medium sized dog breeds. Some breeds used for this include beagles, bloodhounds, and springer spaniels. There are others, and of all sizes, that are effective, reliable tools in the search of bombs. Use of these dogs leads to greater security and peace of mind at airports, ensuring that people who pose a threat are not going to have their way. Security becomes more capable and the proper authorities are contacted in a timely manner.

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