Ice Cream-The real Cool Doodle From History!

Ice Cream

The old adage is, we all scream for ice cream! You may find the history of ice cream interesting and a great story to share with your children on play at home days. Once you’ve learned all about it, increase the fun by making your own at home. That way you can tailor the ingredients to your taste and ensure that you aren’t having a side of chemicals with your dessert. Before you launch your own 52 flavors, you’ll need to choose the right ice cream maker.

The History Of Ice Cream

Ice cream is far older than you might think! The first version of ice cream dates back to the 13th in ancient Persia. At that time, people began to understand that adding salt to the mixture would raise the freezing point of ice cream. Simple frozen cream is hard like a solid block of ice. The addition of sugar makes the mixture softer, but lowers its freezing point to an unpractical level. Adding salt elevates this problem.

In the early 17th century, evidence exists in Italy describing ices made from fruit using this method. There is suggestion from some food historians that the Chinese actually began making frozen ices earlier than that, however, around 3000 BC.

The first appearance of the English term ‘ice cream’ occurred in 1672 in a document from the court of Charles II. It was the French who finally discovered that frequent mixing made a finer texture to the frozen mixture. They also added egg yolks to create a richer base cream. From there, we began to see forms of ice cream as we know it today.

The Best Ice Cream Makers For Home Use

To make proper ice cream at home, you need to choose the best ice cream maker to suit your needs. A good ice cream maker will have many helpful features and be priced reasonably. We will review several of them to assist in picking the best unit.

Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker

This unit enjoys high user reviews and a very economical price ($120 and under at most retailers). It offers the ability to make ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets in your own home. It is fully automatic and fast, making ice cream in just 20 minutes! It has a large 1 ½ quart capacity and a double insulated freezer bowl which makes ice unnecessary. It is BPA free and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Breville Smart Scoop

If price is not a concern, this unit is packed with features allowing you to control everything about the texture and hardness of your ice cream. It has a 1 ½ quart bowl and 12 hardness settings to choose from. It will keep your frozen treat at precisely the right temperature and hardness until you are ready to enjoy it. It is made of BPA free material and has a 1 year warranty. The drawback here is that the unit is listed at $399.00 by the manufacturer.

 Cuisinart Pure Indulgence

Cuisinart makes the list again with the Pure Indulgence model. It has a larger 2 quart double insulated bowl and will also make frozen drinks. It is fully automatic including the mixing paddle and has a large ingredient spout for easy filling. The Pure Indulgence retains for around $100.00 and has a 3 year limited warranty.

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