Perfecting Your Bait

fishing kayak 2The sit-on-top kayak, or SOT, is the most popular, widely-known kayak design today. Although some models may resemble traditional sit-in kayaks in terms of hull shape, the two types of kayaks are quite different. With a traditional kayak, the paddler’s legs and lower body are enclosed within the boat’s hull. Often, a spray skirt covers the cockpit opening and wraps around paddler’s waist, creating a seal that keeps water out of the hull. This is common in traditional white water and ocean kayaks. In contrast, the paddler of an SOT sits in a molded depression on top of the hull, with the legs and lower body exposed.

Measuring 13-feet, 10-inches long by 29-inches wide and with a total load limit of 450 pounds, the X-13 Fish and Dive Package Sit-on-Top Kayak is the ultimate cross-performance recreational and fishing kayak. The X-13 offers the storage capacity for camping trips and gear-laden fishing adventures with a perfect combination of speed and stability for fun on the water. Equipped with a large Gator Hatch in the bow with a bungee system and a large, “live well” open rear well–the X-13 can carry lots of gear including a cooler or 5-gallon bait bucket.

Both the front and rear of the kayak are equipped with 2 rod holders each for optimum fishing. The wide cockpit area features a center hatch, comfortable and dry seating, and an adjustable foot track system. In addition, the X-13 is equipped with a cup holder, eyelets, a drain plug with base, nylon hooks, bow and stern handles, and side carry handles/paddle holders. Ready to take you on years of adventures, the X-13 Kayak is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Malibu Kayaks.

The Best Bait for Bass

Lucky Craft Blade Cross – Combining the profile of a twitch bait with the flash of an underslung spinnerbait arm and blade, the 33⁄5-inch Blade Cross is supposed to elicit bites when burned over grass beds or slow rolled and deflected off hard cover.

Almost all the guides said they were impressed with the design before removing the lure from its package. After they got it wet, the Blade Cross became a clear panel favorite. “This lure looked a little odd at first, but an hour and several nice bass later, I was like, who cares?” said Keith. The Blade Cross tracks straight with a steady retrieve, and the willow leaf blade produces a thump as smooth and consistent as your favorite spinnerbait. Pause the lure and the blade spirals nicely as it falls. Rip and pause and you’ve got a unique action I predict will be deadly on pressured lakes.

Jackal Boil Trigger – The 4-inch Boil Trigger puts a popper mouth on a slender pencil popper body, with a joint that makes it flop and change direction when walked like a Spook. Its erratic zigzagging action on the surface is designed to imitate a dying baitfish.

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