The Damned Lives Of Neglected Dogs

The Damned Lives Of Neglected Dogs

If you are a dog owner then you understand how much a dog can mean to someone. The best thing that we can do for our pet is to show them how much we love them and take really good care of them. Unfortunately, there are some people who abandoned and neglect their dogs causing them to be sick and/or without homes. This is a very sad but real truth and the best thing we can do is to spread the knowledge to others and hope that they listen. That and take care of our pets the best that we can.

Sometimes if you do go to a shelter to adopt a pet, your pet is traumatized, malnourished, and in really bad shape to previous neglect. You are doing a good thing by adopting them but there are some steps you should take in order to help your new family member overcome any of his/her major issues. The first step you should take is getting them to a veterinarian right away for a check-up. Your veterinarian will be able to determine if there are any dental issues, infections, or major diseases impacting your dog’s health. They can also get your dog up to date on all the vaccinations that they are going to need to prevent any further infection and disease.

You will need to groom your dog thoroughly and also make sure to rid them of any fleas or bugs. Taking them to a dog grooming shop and giving them a good scrub down would be the best course of action. Make sure they are well-nourished and fed properly. Many dogs who have lived outdoors or been neglected tend to form some unusual habits such as eating their own feces. This is only because they are lacking the proper nutrition they need to stay healthy. If this habit continues for some time make sure you discuss it with your vet.

When you feed your dog, make sure you only sit out small amounts of food at one time. This is because most neglected dogs will eat a full bowl in one sitting and you do not want them to overeat. They will be grateful just to feel nourished again, so there is no need to overfeed them.

It is so unbelievably sad when people mistreat their pets. They are a part of our families and should never have to suffer from neglect or harm. If you are looking to adopt a dog, check your local shelters first. Many dogs get disregarded and tossed to the side, and they are perfectly good pets for families. If you do something like that you may just save a life while also paying homage to man’s best friend.

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