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Wine PartnersMany people enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner or at special occasions, but don’t take the time to consider where that wine actually came from! In fact, there are several regions around the world that are renowned for their wine-making. Of course, Italy and France are two of the biggest wine producers, although both countries have reduced their production over the past decade. Argentina and Spain are also major wine-producers and both countries have increased their production and become known for their high-quality wines. Looking for a great ice wine? Look for varieties that have been produced in Canada’s Niagara region. The area produces the largest amount of ice wine in the world! So the next time you have that glass of wine, consider what region produced it!

Of course, for the wine connoisseurs out there, it’s not just about drinking wine, it’s about collecting it! That means investing in a wine cooler to store your wine. There are several designs and types, so choosing the right one can be a dizzying process. Here are the main things you should consider:

  • Single zone cooling: These have one cooling area and one temperature control
  • Dual zone cooling: These have two cooling areas and two temperature controls
  • Built-in cooling: These are ideal if you want to add a touch of class to your bar or kitchen

Best single zone cooling unit

  • Avanti 12: This stylish wine cooler holds up to 12 bottles, 4 of them vertically. This is perfect for opened bottles that you don’t want to spill. A great choice for those who are just getting started with their wine collection and want to keep the wine all one temperature (all red or all white, for example).

Best dual zone cooling unit

  • Homelmage 27: If a wine cooler could be described as dark, sleek and handsome, this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s bound to add culture and sophistication to any room in your home. With The LED light can be turned on and off manually which can soft lighting and ambience if you’re entertaining friends or having a romantic evening at home. Standard capacity is 27 bottles. The top stores 9 bottles, and has a temperature gauge of 44 – 64 degrees F. The bottom stores 18 bottles with a temperature gauge of 51 – 64 degrees F.

Best built-in cooling unit

  • Whynter BWR-18SD: If your kitchen or bar could use some added flair or a touch ofsophistication, this wine cooler fits the bill nicely. As the name suggests, it can be built-in so it stands flush with your cabinets and holds 19 bottles. The digital display is behind the door which protects it from the elements such as dust, etc. This model also comes with an optional lock and key – an excellent idea if you have teenagers!

Choosing the right wine cooler is really a matter of taste – both literally and figuratively! Think about your own wine habits. The one you choose will depend on several things, including your budget, your taste for red or white wine or both (if you like both, consider a dual cooling system) and on how many bottles you want to store at any one time. Happy shopping!

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